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The King’s Sick Body: The Spiritual and Social Implications of Arnau of Vilanova’s Regimen sanitatis (2022)


In 1305, the physician Arnau of Vilanova composed the Regimen sanitatis ad inclytum Regem Aragonum (“Regimen of health for the sick King of Aragon”) for Jaume II, king of Aragon, who was suffering a bout of discrasia (imbalanced complexion). Arnau’s work would be rapidly translated into Catalan and become an enduring classic of the regimen sanitatis literature. In this dissertation, I aim to contextualize the composition, translation, and dissemination of Arnau’s Regimen. First, I place Arnau in the context of thirteenth-century Iberian medicine, noting his many contributions to the development of university-based medicine. I go on to discuss Arnau’s spiritual concerns, and read the Regimen sanitatis in the light of Arnau’s apocalyptic preoccupations and the theory of The King’s Two Bodies, the medieval political and legal theory which posited that the king had both a private and a public body. I then move on to discuss the important role played by Blanca of Anjou, wife of Jaume II and Queen of Aragon, who commissioned the first Catalan translation of the Regimen, in the dissemination of the text, while locating Blanca in the context of Aragonese queenship and female readership/patronage of scholarly medical texts. Finally, I discuss two Catalan translations of the Regimen, with a specific focus on what was preserved and what was lost in translation, as well as the influence of the Catalan translations on later Hebrew translations of the text. This discussion of the composition, translation, and dissemination of Arnau’s Regimen provides us with insights into the relationship between medical texts and their readers, as well as how university-based scholarly medical texts made their way to non-Latinate readers.

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Authors & Contributors
Bolens, Guillemette
Brown, Elizabeth A. R.
Cifuentes, Lluís
Green, David A.
Hughes, Jonathan
Jacquart, Danielle
Micrologus: Natura, Scienze e Società Medievali
Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period
History of Psychiatry
Journal of Medieval History
Harvard University
Cornell University Press
D.S. Brewer
Odile Jacob
Human body
Kings and rulers; monarchs and monarchy
Science and politics
Mental disorders and diseases
Medicine and politics
Bruce, Robert, Earl of Carrick
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Alighieri, Dante
Giesey, Ralph E.
Kantorowicz, Ernst Hartwig
Maria, of Castile, Queen, consort of Alfonso V, King of Aragon
Time Periods
14th century
15th century
13th century
Early modern
Great Britain

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