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The history of research into improved confinement regimes (2018)


Increasing the pressure by additional heating of magnetically confined plasmas had the consequence that turbulent processes became more violent and plasma confinement degraded. Since this experience from the early 1980ies, fusion research was dominated by the search for confinement regimes with improved properties. It was a gratifying experience that toroidally confined plasmas are able to self-organise in such a way that turbulence diminishes, resulting in a confinement with good prospects to reach the objectives of fusion R&D. The understanding of improved confinement regimes revolutionized the understanding of turbulent transport in high-temperature plasmas. In this paper the story of research into improved confinement regimes will be narrated starting with 1980.

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Article Patrick H. Diamond; Uriel Frisch; Yves Pomeau (2018) Editorial introduction to the special issue “Plasma physics in the 20th century as told by players”. European Physical Journal H (pp. 337-353). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Weisel, Gary James
Braams, Cornelius Marius
Cho, Hyun-Dae
Fitzsimmons, Beth
Haerendel, Gerhard
Hamblin, Jacob Darwin
European Physical Journal H
British Journal for the History of Science
Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences
History and Technology
Institute of Physics Publishing
Oxford University Press
University of Florida
Research and development (R&D)
Plasma physics
Nuclear fusion
Science and politics
International cooperation
Science and war; science and the military
Bohm, David Joseph
Leontovich, Mikhail Aleksandrovich
Sagdeev, Roald Z.
Time Periods
20th century, late
21st century
United States
Great Britain
Imperial Chemical Industries
United States Navy

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