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Astrological Melothesia in Ancient Rome and India: Intercultural Conversations in Religion, Medicine, and Technical Science (2023)


This project investigates the theory of melothesia, which refers to the assignment of the 12 Zodiac signs to different body parts or bodily regions. We explore the development of astrological melothesia in the 1st century CE and its subsequent influence on Roman and Sanskrit astral sciences through an examination of the interplay between astrology, religion, and medicine in ancient Rome and India. (Abstract shortened by ProQuest).

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Authors & Contributors
Pérez Jiménez, Aurelio
Ferngren, Gary B.
Hübner, Wolfgang
Iyengar, R. Narayana
Rao, N. Kameswara
Schaefer, Bradley E.
MHNH (Revista Internacional de Investigación sobre Magia y Astrología Antiguas)
Indian Journal of History of Science
Journal for the History of Astronomy
Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage
Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Johns Hopkins University Press
Harvard University Press
Constellations; zodiac
Medicine and religion
Hephaestio, Thebanus
Eudoxus of Cnidos
Hipparchos of Rhodes
Manilius, Marcus
Time Periods
Early modern
Rome (Italy)

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