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Regulating Estrangement: Human–Animal Chimeras in Postgenomic Biology (2020)


Why do laws and regulations marking boundaries between humans and other animals proliferate amid widespread proclamations of the waning of the species concept and the consensus that life is a continuum? Here I consider a recent spate of new guidelines and regulations in the United Kingdom and United States that work to estrange human bodies from other animals in biomedicine. Using the idea of a bioconstitutional moment to understand how state institutions deliberate over “human–animal chimeras,” I address how nations differently establish separations between humans and other animals. New chimeric entities, containing human hereditary material, have consecrated regulatory ground and signify increased attention to fields of research that have long used interspecies mixing. Regulators and policy makers now find themselves in a curious position. On the one hand, they continue to regulate the estrangement between humans and other animals, but on the other, they support the creation of chimeric life––a form of life that draws into question the very basis of such separations.

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Article J. Benjamin Hurlbut; Sheila Jasanoff; Krishanu Saha (2020) Constitutionalism at the Nexus of Life and Law. Science, Technology, and Human Values (pp. 979-1000). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Jasanoff, Sheila
Ingrid Metzler
Barnett, Clive
Calvert, Jane
Druglitrø, Tone
Geschwind, Carl-Henry
Science, Technology, and Human Values
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Archives of Natural History
Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology
History of the Human Sciences
Journal of Modern Literature
Duke University Press
Franco Angeli
Lexington Books
Oxford University Press
University of Nebraska Press
Science and law
Human-animal relationships
Animal rights
Cross-national comparison
Synthetic biology; bioengineering
Science and literature
Time Periods
21st century
20th century, late
20th century
19th century
United Kingdom
United States
European Union
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