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Approaching Polish madness: concepts and treatment of psychosis in Polish psychiatry of the inter-war period (2023)


Jan Kornaj (Author)

History of Psychiatry
Volume: 34
Issue: 4
Pages: 397-416
Publication date: 2023
Language: English

The institutional organization of psychiatry in Poland when it became independent faced the problem of the integration of three ex-partition territories having different laws, health-care systems and psychiatric cultures. Due to the high incidence of mental health problems, among which psychosis was the most frequent, psychiatric care facilities had to be organized as quickly and efficiently as possible and had to address the issue of psychosis both conceptually and practically. This study investigates the concept of psychosis and methods of its treatment in inter-war Polish psychiatric care facilities in relation to the sociocultural context of the institutional organization of psychiatry in Poland and the influence of major European concepts and treatment practices regarding psychoses.

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Authors & Contributors
Dening, Tom
Freeman, Hugh L.
Halliwell, Martin
Harris, Ben
Hashimoto, Akira
Holdorff, Bernd
History of Psychiatry
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
Korean Journal of Medical History
Oxford University Press
Rutgers University Press
Syracuse University Press
University of California Press
Fundacja terytoria książk
Mental disorders and diseases
Therapeutic practice; therapy; treatment
Psychiatric hospitals
Science and society
Medicine and society
Erikson, Erik H.
Fromm, Erich
Goffman, Erving
Marcuse, Herbert
Mayo, Elton
Menninger, Family
Time Periods
20th century, early
19th century
20th century
20th century, late
United States
Great Britain

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