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Spectacles of Settler Colonial Memory: Archaeological Findings from an Early Twentieth-Century “First” Settlement Pageant and Other Commemorative Terrain in New England (2022)


In 1923, rural New England mill town Dover, New Hampshire, staged a Tercentenary pageant of extraordinary proportions to celebrate its “first” settlement. This public spectacle memorialized a specific, and deeply exclusionary, narrative of English settler colonialism, shaped by social anxieties of the post-First World War United States. Recent archaeological research has found possible remnants from this spectacle on a seventeenth-century site. In disturbing this site, the Tercentenary pageant appears to have disregarded actual significant material traces from the very era it aimed to memorialize--traces that offer distinct, fuller understandings of deeply nuanced Native-settler interactions in the Piscataqua River region. Dover’s pageant is situated in a regional analysis of Native and Euro-colonial commemorative place-making of the early twentieth century, exploring how different communities pursued multivocal, monovocal, or other approaches in their performative engagements with the seventeenth century.

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Authors & Contributors
Adgemis, Philip
Bradley, John K.
Haralampou, Luka
Pettigrew, Todd H. J.
Silva, Cristobal Selenite
Zilberstein, Anya
Historical Archaeology
International Journal of Historical Archaeology
History and Anthropology
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Technology and Culture
IA. The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology
Brill Academic Publishers
Harvard University Press
Oxford University Press
University of New Hampshire
University of Washington Press
Historical archaeology
Great Britain, colonies
Burton, Robert
Winthrop, John
Cotta, John
Time Periods
19th century
17th century
18th century
20th century
Early modern
20th century, early
New England (U.S.)
United States
Great Britain
Northern Ireland
East Africa
California (U.S.)

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