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Creationism in Today’s Orthodox Community (2021)


The article aims at presenting an overview of the contemporary creationist views in Orthodox Christianity that constitutes the dominant religion in eastern Europe and northern Asia. Because Orthodox Christianity is an aggregation of independent churches related to countries with different cultures, I have chosen to present five important case-studies: Russian Federation, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. In Russia, a dynamic creationist movement exists backed by creationist institutions that publish creationist literature, organize conferences, and put pressure on the state to introduce creationism in school curricula. In Serbia, where the creationist movement is not so strong, there are claims from organized creationists to remove evolution from textbooks. In Bulgaria and Romania, creationism seems not to be an issue, and creationist literature has been developed mainly from American creationists who visited these countries. In Greece, officials of the Orthodox Church have propagated intelligent-design creationism, mainly based on creationist literature imported from the Christian West. Orthodox creationists claim that evolutionism is a theory alien to their religion because it has been developed in Western countries. But they use Western sources and, except for Russia, there appears to be no purely indigenous creationist discourses.

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Article Hyung Wook Park; Ronald L. Numbers (2021) Introduction. Almagest (pp. 4-11). unapi

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Numbers, Ronald L.
Edis, Taner
Pennock, Robert T.
Blancke, Stefaan
Boudry, Maarten
Braeckman, Johan
Science and Education
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
Quaderns d'Història de l'Enginyeria
Social Studies of Science
Duke University
Harvard University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
MIT Press
Oxford University Press
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Science and religion
Intelligent design (teleology)
Science education and teaching
Thomas Aquinas, Saint
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21st century
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