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Revisiting the “Admiral’s Map”: What Was It? And Who Was He? (2023)


In the introduction to the appendix of modern maps by Martin Waldseemüller in the famous Strasbourg Ptolemy atlas of 1513 is a “puzzling sentence” that mentions a so-called “Admiral’s Map.” During the nineteenth century, historians struggled to understand what map was the Admiral’s, who the Admiral was, and how this Admiral’s Map related to the maps made by Waldseemüller. Since then, most who have looked at the question of the Admiral’s Map have merely repeated the tentative conclusions made in the nineteenth century. With the benefit of the recovery of important cartographic works since that time, we can now make a more definitive conclusion: the Admiral’s Map was the Caverio planisphere (c. 1506).

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Article Richard Weiner (2023) Cartography and Climate in Exploration History: The Cases of Cook, La Salle, and the Admiral’s Map. Terrae Incognitae (pp. 217-218). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Van Duzer, Chet A.
Hessler, John W.
Horst, Thomas
McIntosh, Gregory C.
McGuirk, Donald L.
Camerota, Filippo
Terrae Incognitae
Cartographica Helvetica
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Waldseemüller, Martin
Columbus, Christopher
Dürer, Albrecht
Münster, Sebastian
Schöner, Johannes
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16th century
15th century
Early modern
Rome (Italy)
Observatoire de Paris

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