Article ID: CBB151159764

Displacement of Death from Home to Hospital in Historical Perspective: The Case of Italy, 1883–2013 (2022)


Colombo, Asher (Author)
Molinari, Rocco (Author)

Journal of Interdisciplinary History
Volume: 53
Issue: 3
Pages: 439-469
Publication date: 2022
Language: English

The process of changing the location of death from home to hospital in Italy between 1883 and 2013 occurred as part of a wider, century-long shift in the attitude toward death in Western societies. A longitudinal analysis of data collected in Italian provinces, using random intercept models, reveals the extent to which the displacement of death was the result of demographical, socio-structural, and cultural processes and the extent to which the influence of these processes differed geographically throughout Italy. Results show that the displacement of deaths to hospitals during this period was largely due to the growing availability of medical facilities, to changes in the causes of death among the elderly, to decreasing family size, and to urbanization. The influence of the family and urbanization is most evident in northeastern Italy, where changes from complex to simple household structures became more common during the twentieth century.

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Authors & Contributors
Troyer, John
Ahrén, Eva
Brown, Elizabeth A. R.
Finucci, Valeria
Jalland, Pat
Jenner, Mark S. R.
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Archives of Natural History
English Historical Review
Journal of Asian Studies
Micrologus: Natura, Scienze e Società Medievali
MIT Press
University of Minnesota
University of Toronto
Four Courts Press
Rowman & Littlefield
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Human body
Public health
Barnes, Carl L.
Giesey, Ralph E.
Kantorowicz, Ernst Hartwig
Hill, John
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
18th century
Early modern
Great Britain
Venice (Italy)

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