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Secularisation of Political Theology and the Birth of Modern Political Thought: Paolo Sarpi Teaches Thomas Hobbes (2023)


Gregorio Baldin (Author)

Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
Pages: 145-168
Publication date: 2023
Language: English

Despite having been neglected by historians of philosophy and political thought, Paolo Sarpi was an extremely influential author during the seventeenth century. In this article, I intend to suggest that Sarpi influenced the political theology of Thomas Hobbes. Sarpi and Hobbes developed a completely secularised political theology that had a precise purpose : to combat the political theology of the Counter-Reformation and advocate the rights and prerogatives of the secular power.

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Authors & Contributors
Mario Biagioni
Baldin, Gregorio
Bianchi, Luca
Campanini, Saverio
Cardano, Girolamo
García Valverde, José Manuel
Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Galilæana: Journal of Galilean Studies
J. Vrin
Leo S. Olschki Editore
Oxford (England)
Philosophy and religion
Natural philosophy
Ficino, Marsilio
Bruno, Giordano
Gassendi, Pierre
Hobbes, Thomas
Sarpi, Paolo
Galilei, Galileo
Time Periods
17th century
16th century
15th century
Hellenistic world

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