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Science and Human Experience: Values, Culture and the Mind (2014)


Cooper, Leon N. (Author)

Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 2014
Language: English

Publication Date: 2014
Physical Details: xiii + 246 pp.; ill.; bibl.; index

Does science have limits? Where does order come from? Can we understand consciousness? Written by Nobel Laureate Leon N. Cooper, this book places pressing scientific questions in the broader context of how they relate to human experience. Widely considered to be a highly original thinker, Cooper has written and given talks on a large variety of subjects, ranging from the relationship between art and science, possible limits of science, to the relevance of the Turing Test. These essays and talks have been brought together for the first time in this fascinating book, giving readers an opportunity to experience Cooper's unique perspective on a range of subjects. Tackling a diverse spectrum of topics, from the conflict of faith and science to whether understanding neural networks could lead to machines that think like humans, this book will captivate anyone interested in the interaction of science with society

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Review Matthew J. Brown (2016) Review of "Science and Human Experience: Values, Culture and the Mind". Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (pp. 305-308). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Jorgensena, Larry M.
Agassi, Joseph
Campbell, N.
Cook, Harold John
Elsner, Norbert
Grinnell, Frederick
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
Biology and Philosophy
Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology
Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Oxford University Press
The MIT Press
Yale University
Random House
University of Pennsylvania Press
Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of science
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Broca, Paul
Charcot, Jean Martin
Freud, Sigmund
Huxley, Thomas Henry
Inaudi, Jacques
Time Periods
17th century
20th century, late
18th century
19th century
20th century
21st century
Vienna (Austria)
Great Britain
Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
Montreal Neurological Institute
International Brain Research Organization
Society for Neuroscience
Neurosciences Research Program

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