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Stephen Weldon

 University of Oklahoma

 Norman, Oklahoma

I am an Associate Professor of History of Science at the University of Oklahoma. I edit the Isis Bibliography of the History of Science.


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1564-0302.

Explore authority record: CBA000108578.

My work as director of the IsisCB Explore project, has led me to study the transformation of scholarship in what is being called the digital humanities. My work on the Isis Bibliography has helped me to discover, as a practitioner, how new technologies are transforming scholarship, enabled by the ease of worldwide communication, massive data retrieval tools, and unprecedented computing power.

My primary historical interests lie in the ways that science and society have intersected in the modern era, especially with regard to religion and irreligion. My extensive study of the history of American humanism (sometimes called religious humanism, scientific humanism, or secular humanism) has forced me to think about what it means to be religious in the modern world and to what extent being scientific is also a religious-like endeavor for some people. My manuscript, The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism, is currently under consideration by a publisher. More recently, I have become interested in the intersection between Western science and the religious and philosophical thought of the East.

My years at OU have introduced me to a number of exciting interdisciplinary collaborations. In 2007, I chaired a faculty planning group to organize campus-wide lectures and exhibits during the 2009 commemorative year celebrating the birth of Charles Darwin and his influence, past and present. I have also participated in a study group composed of faculty from across the university in a discussion about the Anthropocene.

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