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Geoengineering Justice: The Role of Recognition (2019)


Global-scale solar geoengineering raises critical ethical questions, including questions of distributive, procedural, and intergenerational justice. Although geoengineering is sometimes framed as a response to injustice, insofar as it might benefit those most vulnerable to climate-related harms, geoengineering also has the potential to exacerbate climate injustice, especially if control of research, governance, and potential plans for deployment remains concentrated in the hands of a few. The scope and scale of solar geoengineering, the diverse concerns it raises, and the lack of consensus surrounding it pose particular challenges for justice. I argue that addressing these challenges requires an inclusive, dialogical approach that takes seriously diverse perspectives, particularly the perspectives of those who are most affected by climate change and those who have had the least voice in decisions surrounding it. The concept of recognition––as developed in the work of Nancy Fraser, David Schlosberg, and others––offers a normative ground for this approach and can help guide the development of institutions and practices directed toward geoengineering justice.

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Authors & Contributors
Pollock, Arne
Vleuten, Erik van der
Allen, Barbara L.
Ziewitz, Malte
Kintisch, Eli
Shilton, Katie
Science, Technology and Human Values
Social Studies of Science
The Bridge: Journal of the National Academy of Engineering
Science as Culture
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Oxford University Press
Technoscience; science and technology studies
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21st century
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