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Le radici lontane della neuroscienza delle reti. (2017)


Since the end of the last century, the study of the brain as a network of high connectivity has arisen in neuroscience. The purpose of this cerebral organization would be to contain the costs of neuronal development in terms of space, timing (in the transmission of information) and ‘material’ employed in the formation and maintenance of neurons and neuronal populations. This paper aims at investigating the sources of ideas that neuroscientists borrowed, inspired not only by evolutionary biology, but also by modern social theories, economic thinking and ancient and modern philosophy. In addition to the contribution of the founding fathers of late nineteenth-century neuro-anatomy and neurophysiology (Ramón y Cajal and Lorente de Nó), the topological work of eighteenth-century mathematicians (Leibniz, Eulero) and the mathematical economic theory (Pareto) provided concepts and methods to the theory of neural networks and to organizational criteria regulating the birth and growth of neural connections at cellular level. Finally, the concept of connectivity applied to the brain at rest refers to the philosophers, from the Stoics to William James, through Kant.

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