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On Lonergan's Philosophy of Knowing and Historical Insights (2015)


The main work of the Canadian philosopher Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984) is the book Insight:A Stutfy of Human Understanding (1957). In this book, Lonergan presents his version of Aquinas' philosophy of knowing from a contemporary perspective. His task is to understand 'what is to understand' and he focuses primarily in the knowing and secondly in the known. He begins the study on insight considering the 'dramatic instance' illustrated by Archimedes rushing naked from the Baths crying 'Eureka!'. With this instance, Lonergan gives to the reader "an insight on insight" and introduces the characterization of this important concept. The aim of this paper is to make some considerations on Lonergan's philosophy of knowing and to provide other examples of well-registered insights from history.

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Authors & Contributors
Panaccio, Claude
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Monfasani, John
Lambertini, Roberto
Vivarium: Journal for Mediaeval Philosophy and the Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages
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Nominalism (philosophy)
Science and religion
Ockham, William of
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Burley, Walter
Albertus Magnus
Erigena, Johannes Scotus
Wyclif, John
Time Periods
14th century
12th century
20th century
15th century

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