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The Other Space Race: Eisenhower and the Quest for Aerospace Security (2015)


The Other Space Race is a unique look at the early U.S. space program and how it both shaped and was shaped by politics during the Cold War. Eisenhower’s “New Look” expanded the role of the Air Force in national security, and ultimately allowed ambitious aerospace projects, namely the “Dyna-Soar,” a bomber equipped with nuclear weapons that would operate in space. Eisenhower’s space policy was purely practical, creating a strong deterrent against the use of nuclear arms against the United States. With the Soviet launch of Sputnik in 1957, the political climate changed, and space travel became part of the United States’ national discourse. Sambaluk explores what followed, including the scuttling of the “Dyna-Soar” program and the transition from Eisenhower’s space policy to John Kennedy’s. This well-argued, well-researched book gives much needed perspective on the Cold War’s influence on space travel and it’s relation to the formation of public policy.

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Authors & Contributors
Edward Kaplan
Dreer, Francis
Siddiqi, Asif A.
Jameson, Robert P.
Kalic, Sean N.
Monteyne, David
Cold War History
Air Power History
Science in Context
Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning and Policy
Journal of Historical Geography
Technology and Culture
Cornell University Press
Haynes Pub.
University Press of Florida
Texas A&M University Press
University of Minnesota Press
National Geographic Society
Cold War
Space programs
Technology and war; technology and the military
Technology and politics
National security
Space travel; space flight
Eisenhower, Dwight David
Krushchev, Nikita
Papandreou, Andreas
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Time Periods
20th century
20th century, late
United States
Soviet Union
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Project Apollo (NASA)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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