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Robot Life: Simulation and Participation in the Study of Evolution and Social Behavior (2018)


This paper explores the case of using robots to simulate evolution, in particular the case of Hamilton’s Law. The uses of robots raises several questions that this paper seeks to address. The first concerns the role of the robots in biological research: do they simulate something (life, evolution, sociality) or do they participate in something? The second question concerns the physicality of the robots: what difference does embodiment make to the role of the robot in these experiments. Thirdly, how do life, embodiment and social behavior relate in contemporary biology and why is it possible for robots to illuminate this relation? These questions are provoked by a strange similarity that has not been noted before: between the problem of simulation in philosophy of science, and Deleuze’s reading of Plato on the relationship of ideas, copies and simulacra.

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Authors & Contributors
Mazzeo, Marco
Riccardo Mona
Bernardi, Massimo
Sugawara, Shin-etsu
Menegon, Michele
Winslow, Russell
Science, Technology, and Human Values
History of the Human Sciences
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences
Social Studies of Science
IF Press
Wallstein Verlag
Oxford University Press
MIT Press
Lexington Books
Science and technology studies (STS)
Embodiment; corporeality
Deleuze, Gilles
Bergson, Henri Louis
Auster, Paul
Dewey, John
Whitehead, Alfred North
Simon, Herbert A.
Time Periods
21st century
20th century
19th century
20th century, late
Neolithic period
United States
Great Britain

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