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Orientation Of The Sardinian Nuragic "Meetings Huts" (2016)


In the past decades, there have been a number of studies about the orientation of the Sardinian monuments (domus de janas, dolmen, tombe di giganti, nuraghes, megaron and sacred wells) (Zedda 2013, Gonzalez et al. 2014). These monuments characterized the landscape of prehistoric Sardinia. Here we are presenting the results of a study of the orientation of the "capanne delle riunioni" ("meetings huts"). The "meetings huts" are particular buildings placed inside the nuragic villages dated between the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age (XIII – IX sec. a.C.) sometimes developed around preexisting nuraghes or sometimes in nuragic villages without any nuraghe. These buildings are huts of considerable dimensions, characterized by specific furniture which distinguishes them from the other inhabited areas which constituted the villages. Inside the "meetings huts" took place the meetings of the heads of the families and/or liturgical and religious meetings. The orientation of the “meetings huts” confirms the astronomic target of the nuraghes.

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Authors & Contributors
González-García, A. César
Veiga, Yolanda Seoane
Iwaniszewski, Stanislaw
González-García, A. César
Costa-Ferrer, Lourdes
Naik, Prahallad Chandra
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Journal of Skyscape Archaeology
Journal for the History of Astronomy
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
Indian Journal of History of Science
Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Halle (Saale) Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte
Cambridge University Press
Nilsson, Sven
Steenstrup, Johannes Japetus
Thomsen, Christian Jürgensen
Time Periods
Bronze age
Iron age
19th century
Stone age
Great Britain
Yorkshire Antiquarian Club (1849-1860)

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