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Architecture in relief: Hospitals for the poor in Venice and Lisbon (2020)


Starting in the fifteenth century, governmental bodies across Europe began reforming their charitable networks of support for the sick poor and unifying inefficient medieval institutions into one general hospital. When discussing early modern hospitals, it is important to remember that, although poverty and disease tend to be treated in isolation today, these issues were intrinsically connected in the early modern period. Considering these developments in charitable reform and hospital architecture, the mid- to late 1400s has remained a key period for studies analyzing the interventional role of hospitals in social welfare and public health. When the Venetian Senate issued the 1474 decree founding the Ospedale, it claimed that the institution was a way for the Republic to recognize and praise the divine providence that had guaranteed the freedom of the Venetian Eastern outpost of Scutari. The resulting architecture of the institution seems to have accompanied this operational move away from a general hospital.

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