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Early Dutch Maritime Cartography: The North Holland School of Cartography (c. 1580 – C. 1620) (2017)


Schilder, Günter (Author)


Publication Date: 2017
Physical Details: 692 pages
Language: English

This book is an exposition of an important, yet previously unknown chapter in the history of Dutch maritime cartography. While Amsterdam was developing into Europe's most vital commercial hub in the seventeenth century, demanding and controlling the production of maps and sea-charts, a major School of Cartography was already flourishing in the so-called 'Kop van Noord-Holland' region just north of Amsterdam. This School specialised in the production of small-scale charts of larger areas, including the European coastlines and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Its masters used to call themselves 'caert-schrijvers' or 'map-scribes' when clarifying their profession. The cities of Enkhuizen and Edam were important trading ports and as such provided an ideal environment for developing into centres of cartography, serving sea-borne navigation. Apart from the well-known printed pilot guides by Lucas Jansz Waghenaer, the output of these 'caert-schrijvers' consists mainly of manuscript charts on vellum. Copies, though few they are, nowadays can be found across the globe. Sea-charts provided invaluable on-board navigation assistance to ship captains. However, another surprising contemporaneous purpose for financing these charts become popular. Rich ship owners and merchants would commission new charts to serve as wall-decoration as well as a reference point for their maritime-related conversations. They feature a decorative lay-out filled with magnificent colours. Moreover, many of these charts are embellished with miniature paintings, certainly making them some of the most beautiful exemplars ever produced by Dutch cartography during its Golden Age.

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Authors & Contributors
Sandman, Alison
Gordin, Michael
Reeves, Eileen A.
Gaspar, Joaquim Alves
Blake, John B.
Barrera-Osorio, Antonio
Imago Mundi: A Review of Early Cartography
Journal for Maritime Research: Britian, the Sea and Global History
Geographia antiqua
Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage
Journal of Early Modern History
Brill Hes
Conway Maritime Press
Princeton University
Oxford University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
Maps; atlases
Nautical charts
Oceans and seas
Ramusio, Giovanni Battista
Dawes, William
Ruyters, Dierick
Collin, Greenvile
Seydī 'Ali Re'īs
Time Periods
16th century
17th century
18th century
19th century
Republic of Venice (697–1797)
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Mediterranean region
Great Britain. Royal Navy
Dutch East India Company

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