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Wisdom of the Martians of Science: In Their Own Words with Commentaries (2015)


Wisdom of the Martians of Science refers to five scientists whose brilliance contributed to shaping the modern world. John von Neumann was a pioneer of the modern computer; Theodore von Kármán was the scientist behind the US Air Force; Leo Szilard initiated the development of nuclear weapons; the Nobel laureate Eugene P Wigner was the world's first nuclear engineer; and Edward Teller was the father of the hydrogen bomb. They were born and raised in Budapest, were forced out of Hungary and then from Germany, they became Americans, and devoted themselves to the defense of the United States and the Free World. They contributed significant discoveries to fundamental science ranging from the properties of materials to the application of the symmetry principle in physics, to creating information theory, to game theory. The areas in which we can learn about their wisdom include applications of science to past, present and future real-world needs; defense; education; environment; human nature; humor; politics; religion; weather modification, and others. This book shows the wisdom of the Martians by presenting their thoughts and ideas in their own words and placing them into context. Their wisdom is intriguing, witty, provocative and thought provoking. It extended over many aspects of life and culture that impinge on our existence. While we cannot always agree with what they say, they are never boring. The power of their words and their philosophies will inspire the readers to pursue their own dreams.

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Authors & Contributors
Hargittai, István
Krzysztof Dabrowski
Kargon, Robert Hugh
Tisza, Laszlo
Teller, Edward
Stacy, Ian
The Chemical Educator
Technology and Culture
Physics in Perspective
Environmental History
British Journal for the History of Science
Acta Historica Leopoldina
Helion and Company
World Scientific
Prometheus Books
Princeton University Press
Nuclear weapons; atomic weapons
Science and war; science and the military
Teller, Edward
Oppenheimer, J. Robert
Wigner, Eugene Paul
Szilard, Leo
László, Paul
Kármán, Theodor von
Time Periods
20th century
20th century, early
20th century, late
United States
Soviet Union
Great Britain
Hanford Nuclear Site (Washington)
Universität Göttingen

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