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Science Fiction as Critique of Science: Organ Transplantation and the Body (2016)


Chozinski, Brittany Anne (Author)

Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Volume: 36
Issue: 1
Pages: 58-66

Publication Date: 2016
Edition Details: Special Issue: Science and Science Fiction - Volume II: Subjectivities
Language: English

Science fiction is often used as a tool with which to think about actual science. While often this is depicted in terms of imaginary future potential, science fiction has also shown itself to be a poignant critique of existing science and a means of exploring our collective anxieties regarding the continued logic of current scientific development. This article explores the science fiction of organ transplantation, as mapped against scientific and medicolegal developments in actual organ transplantation. Explored through the lens of Adorno’s work on cultural criticism, it is argued that science fiction serves as a tool with which we address (and critique) the ethical boundaries (and fears, often colonial in nature) of actual organ transplantation. Science fiction works such as Larry Niven’s Known Space Universe and Repo! The Genetic Opera are examined, demonstrating that in critiquing the science of organ transplantation, fictionists ultimately come to examine changing cultural understandings of selfhood and embodiment.

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Article Alexander I. Stingl (2016) Introduction: “Give Me Sight Beyond Sight”: Thinking With Science Fiction as Thinking (Together) With (Others). Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society (pp. 3-27). unapi

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Finn, Ed
Hungerford, Amy
Eschrich, Joey
Kate Devlin
Sadowski, Jathan
Victorian Studies
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Science, Technology, and Human Values
Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems
East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
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London, Jack
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