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The co-production of nuclear science and diplomacy: Towards a transnational understanding of nuclear things (2021)


Kenji Ito (Author)
Rentetzi, Maria (Author)

History and Technology
Volume: 37
Issue: 1
Pages: 4-20

Publication Date: 2021
Edition Details: Special Issue: Nuclear Diplomacies
Language: English

This paper proposes diplomatic studies of science as a new field of research, which sheds light on actual diplomatic processes as an integral part of knowledge making and presents the notion of nuclear science and diplomacy as co-produced. Science and diplomacy display fundamental similarities: scientists attempt to make knowledge produced locally seem global, thereby achieving universal epistemic order, while diplomats endeavour to maintain political order on a global scale that accommodates the local concerns of their country. In particular, the co-production of nuclear knowledge and political nuclear order has characterised the post-World War Two period. Hence, the making of global political orders includes the emergence of relevant diplomatic actors, which comprise not only sovereign states but also non-state actors, such as international organisations or individual experts. This paper claims that nuclear history provides a suitable ground for cross-fertilisation between the history of science and diplomatic history.

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Authors & Contributors
Zofka, Jan
Miller, Clark A.
Mausbach, Wilfried
Morris, David B.
Junker, Detlef
Gassert, Philipp
Cold War History
History and Technology
The Journal of Transport History
Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Technology's Stories
Technology and Culture
Cambridge University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
University of California, San Diego
Bathtub Row Press
University of Massachusetts Press
Manchester University Press
Cold War
Foreign relations; diplomacy
Transnational history
International cooperation
International relations
Land transportation
Krushchev, Nikita
Qian Xuesen
Time Periods
20th century
21st century
20th century, late
United States
Soviet Union
Berlin (Germany)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
United States Air Force

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