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Two moments in the history of Primatology: Hanno’s Periplus and Satsue Mito’s legacy (2023)


It is fascinating to consider the remarkable discoveries made in primatology over the centuries. One of the earliest recorded encounters happened twenty-five centuries ago when the Carthaginians stumbled upon what they believed were “gorillas” in today’s Senegal. It turns out that these were actually chimpanzees, but this chance encounter marked the beginning of our understanding of these incredible creatures. Fast forward to modern times, and we have learned even more about primates, including the fact that macaques have cultures that are transmitted between groups and generations through communication, rather than biological inheritance. This discovery, made by a female researcher in Japan, was the result of full-time observation and is now a cornerstone of the theory of cultural evolution. In between these discoveries, we have seen the first descriptions of orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas, all of which have contributed to our understanding of primates and our own evolution. It is remarkable to think that these early observations, including Hanno’s description of hairy women who threw stones to avoid capture, laid the groundwork for an entire field of study that continues to fascinate and inform us to this day.

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Article Vincent Jullien; Carmen Martínez-Adame (2023) Foreward. Almagest (pp. 6-14). unapi

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