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Mathematics Education in Antiquity (2014)


This chapter is derived from highly heterogeneous sources both in their nature and in their geographic and chronological distribution. These sources represent different environments and refer to different cultural and institutional codes. Whereas ancient sources do not describe a coherent picture of teaching mathematics in Antiquity, some details from the better documented educational contexts of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Greco-Roman World provide impressionistic insight into these traditions. This approach shows that modern knowledge of these contexts is limited and that even the kinds of questions framing the topic depend strictly on the nature of the surviving sources.

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Book Alexander Karp; Gert Schubring (2014) Handbook on the History of Mathematics Education. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Evans, James
Ciraolo, Leda Jean
Seidel, Jonathan Lee
Karenberg, Alex
Leitz, Christian
Dieleman, Jacco
Journal for the History of Astronomy
Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
MHNH (Revista Internacional de Investigación sobre Magia y Astrología Antiguas)
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Cambridge University Press
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Blackwell Publishers
Cross-cultural interaction; cultural influence
Hippocrates of Cos
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Time Periods
Middle and Near East
Persia (Iran)

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