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History of Computing in East Asia: Introduction (2016)


Kita, Chigusa (Editor)
Choi, Hyungsub (Editor)

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Volume: 38
Issue: No. 2
Pages: 8-9

Publication Date: 2016
Edition Details: Introduction to special issue of the journal on the history of computing in East Asia.
Language: English

All four articles in this special issue cover stories of real-world implementations or applications of computing technology in East Asia. Each article adopts a unique approach and historiographical strategy, which demonstrates the diversity of this scholarly community.

Includes Series Articles

Article Bátiz-Lazo, Bernardo; Smith, Andrew (2016) The Industrial Organization of Hong Kong's Progression Toward a Cashless Economy (1960s-2000s). IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (pp. 54-65). unapi

Article Park, Dongoh (2016) The Korean Character Code: A National Controversy, 1987-1995. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (pp. 40-53). unapi

Article Lin, Ling-Fei (2016) Design Engineering or Factory Capability? Building Laptop Contract Manufacturing in Taiwan. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (pp. 22-39). unapi

Article Akita, Katsuji; Hasegawa, Yutaka (2016) History of COMTRAC: Development of the Innovative Traffic-Control System for Shinkansen. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (pp. 11-21). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Mathews, John A.
Cho, Dong-Sung
Low, Morris Fraser
Iijima, Wataru
Downey, Greg
Malinovskij, B. M.
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
History and Technology
Technology and Culture
Cambridge University Press
University of Chicago Press
Tokyo Daigaku Shuppankai
Naukova duma
KIT : A.S.K.
Duke University Press
History of Computing
Public health
Diffusion of innovation; diffusion of knowledge; diffusion of technology
Medicine and politics
Mishima, Michiyoshi
Needham, Joseph
East Asia
United States
Southeast Asia
20th century
21st century
19th century
Club of Rome
Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
Control Data Corporation

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