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The Choices in Theoretical Physics from Galilei to Einstein (2017)


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Authors & Contributors
Kiktyeva, Olena
Nekrašas, Evaldas
Rovenchak, Andrij
Gambetta, Emanuele
Greco, Pietro
Stuewer, Roger H.
Foundations of Science
Substantia: An International Journal of the History of Chemistry
Studia Historiae Scientiarum
Physics in Perspective
Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Gangemi Editore
Luigi Pellegrini Editore
Wallstein Verlag
Oxford University Press
Philosophy of science
Theoretical physics
Quantum mechanics
Bohr, Niels Henrik David
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Schrödinger, Erwin
Heisenberg, Werner
Duhem, Pierre
Urbański, Wojciech E.
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
18th century
17th century
21st century
Lʹvivsʹkyĭ derz︠h︡avnyĭ universytet im. Iv. Franka / University of Lviv

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