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The visibility of philosophy of science in the sciences, 1980–2018 (2021)


In this paper, we provide a macro level analysis of the visibility of philosophy of science in the sciences over the last four decades. Our quantitative analysis of publications and citations of philosophy of science papers, published in 17 main journals representing the discipline, contributes to the longstanding debate on the influence of philosophy of science on the sciences. It reveals the global structure of relationships that philosophy of science maintains with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and social sciences and humanities (SSH) fields. Explored at the level of disciplines, journals and authors, this analysis of the relations between philosophy of science and a large and diversified array of disciplines allows us to answer several questions: what is the degree of openness of various disciplines to the specialized knowledge produced in philosophy of science? Which STEM and SSH fields and journals have privileged ties with philosophy of science? What are the characteristics, in terms of citation and publication patterns, of authors who get their philosophy of science papers cited outside their field? Complementing existing qualitative inquiries on the influence of specific authors, concepts or topics of philosophy of science, the bibliometric approach proposed in this paper offers a comprehensive portrait of the multiple relationships that links philosophy of science to the sciences.

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Authors & Contributors
Inglis, David
Marchel, Carol
Owens, Stephanie
Gimeno i Torrent, Xavier
Galison, Peter Louis
Harman, Oren
History of Psychology
Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
History of the Human Sciences
Revista Catalana de Sociologia
European Legacy
Critical Inquiry
NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA)
Academic disciplines
History of science, as a discipline
Philosophy of science, as a discipline
Interdisciplinary approach to knowledge
Barbour, Ian G.
Chałasiński, Józef
Time Periods
21st century
20th century, late
18th century
United States
Soviet Union
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelon
Science History Institute (SHI)
Seminario di Storia della scienza
American Chemical Society
National Institute of Health (U.S.)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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