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Epidemic Malaria and Hunger in Colonial Punjab: Weakened by Want (2018)


Zurbrigg, Sheila (Author)

Routledge India

Publication Date: 2018
Physical Details: 470
Language: English

This book documents the primary role of acute hunger (semi- and frank starvation) in the ‘fulminant’ malaria epidemics that repeatedly afflicted the northwest plains of British India through the first half of colonial rule. Using Punjab vital registration data and regression analysis it also tracks the marked decline in annual malaria mortality after 1908 with the control of famine, despite continuing post-monsoonal malaria transmission across the province. The study establishes a time-series of annual malaria mortality estimates for each of the 23 plains districts of colonial Punjab province between 1868 and 1947 and for the early post-Independence years (1948-60) in (East) Punjab State. It goes on to investigate the political imperatives motivating malaria policy shifts on the part of the British Raj. This work reclaims the role of hunger in Punjab malaria mortality history and, in turn, raises larger epistemic questions regarding the adequacy of modern concepts of nutrition and epidemic causation in historical and demographic analysis. Part of The Social History of Health and Medicine in South Asia series, this book will be useful to scholars and researchers of colonial history, modern history, social medicine, social anthropology and public health.

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Review Mrunmayee Satam (2021) Review of "Epidemic Malaria and Hunger in Colonial Punjab: Weakened by Want". Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Yip, Ka-che
Jones, M.
Buckingham, Jane
Winther, Paul C.
Lima, Eronides da Silva
Gilman, Sander L.
Social History of Medicine
História, Ciências, Saúde---Manguinhos
Journal of Interdisciplinary History
Science in Context
Archives of Natural History
Hong Kong University Press
Palgrave Global Publishing at St. Martin's Press
Lexington Books
Rowman & Littlefield
Duke University Press
Cornell University Press
Public health
Nutrition; dietetics
Medicine and politics
Great Britain, colonies
Castro, Josué de
Succi, Giovanni
Keys, Ancel
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
21st century
20th century, early
18th century
Hong Kong
Great Britain
Sri Lanka
University of Minnesota

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