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Five Eighteenth-Century Medical Polymaths (2013)


Five eighteenth-century medical men, like many of their contemporaries, achieved renown for their medical skills and research abilities. They lived during an exciting period marked by the questioning of many traditional beliefs. Coeval scientific achievements increased knowledge of the challenging natural world around them. Outside medicine, John Wall (1708–1776) established the fashionable spa of Malvern, known for the purity of its water, and co-founded the prestigious Worcester Porcelain Company. Erasmus Darwin (1731–1802) had a remarkably inventive mind ranging over many interests, including canal construction, steering equipment for carriages and a copying machine for documents. Edward Jenner (1749–1823) was interested in bird migration, and researched the brood parasitism of the cuckoo. His vaccination of cowpox to prevent smallpox eventually led to the elimination of the disease in 1980. Caleb Parry (1755–1822) practised medicine in Bath and was admired for his knowledge and integrity. He was interested in sheep and produced high-quality merino wool. Since boyhood he had hunted for fossils with his friend, Edward Jenner. John MacCulloch (1773–1835) produced the first geological map of Scotland, published posthumously in 1836. A prolific writer, his book on the Western Isles (1819) is considered a classic.

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Book C. J. Duffin; R. T. J. Moody; C. Gardner-Thorpe (2013) A History of Geology and Medicine. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Smith, Christopher Upham Murray
Gardner-Thorpe, Christopher
Louis-Courvoisier, Micheline
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Putnam, Constance E.
Brodsky, Alyn
Journal of Medical Biography
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Early American Studies
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Truman Talley
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Physicians; doctors
Natural history
Darwin, Erasmus
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Great Britain
United States
18th century
19th century
17th century
Edo Era (Japan, 1603-1868)
University of Edinburgh
Halle-Wittenberg. Universität
Great Britain. Royal Navy
Uppsala Universitet

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