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A Brief History of Numbers (2015)


Corry, Leo (Author)

Oxford University Press

Publication Date: 2015
Physical Details: 325 pages
Language: English

The world around us is saturated with numbers. They are a fundamental pillar of our modern society, and accepted and used with hardly a second thought. But how did this state of affairs come to be? In this book, Leo Corry tells the story behind the idea of number from the early days of the Pythagoreans, up until the turn of the twentieth century. He presents an overview of how numbers were handled and conceived in classical Greek mathematics, in the mathematics of Islam, in European mathematics of the middle ages and the Renaissance, during the scientific revolution, all the way through to the mathematics of the 18th to the early 20th century. Focusing on both foundational debates and practical use numbers, and showing how the story of numbers is intimately linked to that of the idea of equation, this book provides a valuable insight to numbers for undergraduate students, teachers, engineers, professional mathematicians, and anyone with an interest in the history of mathematics.

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Review Umberto Bottazzini (2017) Review of "A Brief History of Numbers". Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 870-871). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Zellini, Paolo
Zhang, Sheng
Hollenback, George M.
Oort, Frans
Breger, Herbert
Harmer, Adam
Nei Menggu Shifan Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)
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Physis: Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza
Pickering & Chatto
Scribe Publications
New York University
Carocci Editore
Philosophy of mathematics
Euler, Leonhard
Leonardo da Pisa
Fermat, Pierre de
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Reitwiesner, George W.
Charcot, Jean Martin
Time Periods
18th century
20th century
17th century
19th century
Middle and Near East
Milan (Italy)
Atlantic Ocean

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