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Utilitarianism in the Age of Enlightenment: The Moral and Political Thought of William Paley (2019)


O'Flaherty, Niall (Author)

Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: 2019
Physical Details: 360
Language: English

This is the first book-length study of one of the most influential traditions in eighteenth-century Anglophone moral and political thought, 'theological utilitarianism'. Niall O'Flaherty charts its development from its formulation by Anglican disciples of Locke in the 1730s to its culmination in William Paley's work. Few works of moral and political thought had such a profound impact on political discourse as Paley's Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy (1785). His arguments were at the forefront of debates about the constitution, the judicial system, slavery and poverty. By placing Paley's moral thought in the context of theological debate, this book establishes his genuine commitment to a worldly theology and to a programme of human advancement. It thus raises serious doubts about histories which treat the Enlightenment as an entirely secular enterprise, as well as those which see English thought as being markedly out of step with wider European intellectual developments.

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Authors & Contributors
D'Andria, Antonio
Buchan, Bruce
Filippo Sani
Niccolò Valmori
Jared Holley
Lisa Broussois
History of European Ideas
Laboratorio dell'ISPF
Journal of the History of Ideas
History of Science
Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press
Edizioni CLORI
Edizioni Anicia
Yale University Press
Moral philosophy
Philosophy and politics
Philosophy and religion
Natural philosophy
Science and religion
Locke, John
Newton, Isaac
Hume, David
Reid, Thomas
Hobbes, Thomas
Diderot, Denis
Time Periods
18th century
17th century
19th century
Great Britain
Naples (Italy)
Geneva (Switzerland)

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