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Arsenal of democracy: The American automobile industry in World War II (2013)


Hyde, Charles K. (Author)

Wayne State University Press

Publication Date: 2013
Physical Details: 248
Language: English

Throughout World War II, Detroit's automobile manufacturers accounted for one-fifth of the dollar value of the nation's total war production, and this amazing output from "the arsenal of democracy" directly contributed to the allied victory. In fact, automobile makers achieved such production miracles that many of their methods were adopted by other defense industries, particularly the aircraft industry. In Arsenal of Democracy: The American Automobile Industry in World War II, award-winning historian Charles K. Hyde details the industry's transition to a wartime production powerhouse and some of its notable achievements along the way. Hyde examines several innovative cooperative relationships that developed between the executive branch of the federal government, U.S. military services, automobile industry leaders, auto industry suppliers, and the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union, which set up the industry to achieve production miracles. He goes on to examine the struggles and achievements of individual automakers during the war years in producing items like aircraft engines, aircraft components, and complete aircraft; tanks and other armored vehicles; jeeps, trucks, and amphibians; guns, shells, and bullets of all types; and a wide range of other weapons and war goods ranging from search lights to submarine nets and gyroscopes. Hyde also considers the important role played by previously underused workers-namely African Americans and women-in the war effort and their experiences on the line. (Publisher)

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Review Bode Morin (2012) Review of "Arsenal of democracy: The American automobile industry in World War II". IA. The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology (pp. 98-99). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
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History and Technology
Revue d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine
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Automobile industry
Technology and culture
Technology and economics
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Time Periods
20th century
19th century
21st century
20th century, early
United States
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Berlin (Germany)
International Business Machines Corporation
General Motors Corporation
Ford Motor Company

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