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Articulating the World: Conceptual Understanding and the Scientific Image (2015)


Rouse, Joseph (Author)

University of Chicago Press

Publication Date: 2015
Physical Details: 416 pp.
Language: English

Naturalism as a guiding philosophy for modern science both disavows any appeal to the supernatural or anything else transcendent to nature, and repudiates any philosophical or religious authority over the workings and conclusions of the sciences. A longstanding paradox within naturalism, however, has been the status of scientific knowledge itself, which seems, at first glance, to be something that transcends and is therefore impossible to conceptualize within scientific naturalism itself. In Articulating the World, Joseph Rouse argues that the most pressing challenge for advocates of naturalism today is precisely this: to understand how to make sense of a scientific conception of nature as itself part of nature, scientifically understood. Drawing upon recent developments in evolutionary biology and the philosophy of science, Rouse defends naturalism in response to this challenge by revising both how we understand our scientific conception of the world and how we situate ourselves within it.

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Essay Review Stefaan Blancke (2017) Understanding Science, Naturally. Science and Education (pp. 1059-1062). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Smocovitis, Vassiliki Betty
Jewett, Andrew
Richardson, Sarah
Davies, Paul Sheldon
Hull, David L.
Smith, Robert W.
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Science and Education
Public Understanding of Science
History of Science
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Oxford University Press
MIT Press
University of Pittsburgh
Harvard University
Baker Academic
University Of Hertfordshire Press
Philosophy of science
Natural science
Evolutionary developmental biology
Naturalism (philosophy)
Public understanding of science
Darwin, Charles Robert
Huggins, William
Sokal, Robert R.
Gould, Stephen Jay
Dilthey, Wilhelm
Time Periods
19th century
21st century
20th century
20th century, late
Early modern
United States
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)

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