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The Doctor Who Fooled the World: Andrew Wakefield’s War on Vaccines (2020)


Deer, Brian (Author)

Scribe Publications

Publication Date: 2020
Physical Details: 336
Language: English

A reporter uncovers the secrets behind the scientific scam of the century. The news breaks first as a tale of fear and pity. Doctors at a London hospital claim a link between autism and a vaccine given to millions of children: MMR. Young parents are terrified. Immunisation rates slump. And as a worldwide ‘anti-vax’ movement kicks off, old diseases return to sicken and kill. But a veteran reporter isn’t so sure, and sets out on an epic investigation. Battling establishment cover-ups, smear campaigns, and gagging lawsuits, he exposes rigged research and secret schemes, the heartbreaking plight of families struggling with disability, and the scientific deception of our time. Here’s the story of Andrew Wakefield: a man in search of greatness, who stakes his soul on big ideas that, if right, might transform lives. But when the facts don’t fit, he can’t face failure. He’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

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Authors & Contributors
Kitta, Andrea
Bragesjö, Fredrik
Hallberg, Margareta
Hoyt, Kendall
Hurley, Dan
Nattrass, Nicoli
Science Communication
Science in Context
Journal of the Turkish-German Gynecological Association
Journal of Literature and Science
Public Understanding of Science
Harvard University Press
Kaplan Publishing
Columbia University Press
University of California, San Francisco
Franco Angeli
Medicine and society
Vaccines; vaccination
Disease and diseases
Public health
Public understanding of medicine
Prevention and control of disease
Beckett, Samuel
Foucault, Michel
Fujimura, Joan H.
United States
Great Britain
South Africa
Burkina Faso
21st century
20th century, late
20th century
19th century
18th century

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