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Misconduct in Bioscience Research: a 40-year perspective (2021)


Fraud in biomedical research, though relatively uncommon, damages the scientific community by diminishing the integrity of the ecosystem and sending other scientists down fruitless paths. When exposed and publicized, fraud also reduces public respect for the research enterprise, which is required for its success. Although the human frailties that contribute to fraud are as old as our species, the response of the research community to allegations of fraud has dramatically changed. This is well illustrated by three prominent cases known to the author over 40 years. In the first, I participated as auditor in an ad hoc process that, lacking institutional definition and oversight, was open to abuse, though it eventually produced an appropriate result. In the second, I was a faculty colleague of a key participant whose case helped shape guidelines for management of future cases. The third transpired during my time overseeing the well-developed if sometimes overly bureaucratized investigatory process for research misconduct at Harvard Medical School, designed in accordance with prevailing regulations. These cases illustrate many of the factors contributing to fraudulent biomedical research in the modern era and the changing institutional responses to it, which should further evolve to be more efficient and transparent.

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Authors & Contributors
Miller, Franklin G.
Lantos, John D.
Beauchamp, Tom L.
Fauci, Anthony S.
Graboyes, Melissa
Guerrini, Anita
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health
Social History of Medicine
Medicina Historica
University of Pittsburgh
Harvard University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
Ohio University Press
Medicine and ethics
Medical research
Biology and ethics; bioethics
Human experimentation
Informed consent
Beecher, Henry Knowles
Katz, Jay
Leary, Timothy
Time Periods
20th century, late
21st century
20th century
United States
West Germany
Harvard University
National Institute of Health (U.S.)
United States. Public Health Service

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