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Why People Trust Something Other than Science (2021)


In modern society, people are expected to make scientific decisions and rational actions over a range of personal and social problems. There have been a number of studies on students’ and adults’ decision-making over socio-scientific issues under the name of scientific literacy. In this study, we investigated the social and cultural backgrounds of Korean people’s actions and trust over their personal problems (e.g. health, career choice), by conducting in-depth interviews with ten Korean adults on their experience related to acupuncture and Four Pillars of Destiny (FPD), two representative examples of unorthodox sciences. The analysis of the data reveals that their actions concerning acupuncture and FPD are influenced by socio-cultural factors (esp. family culture, social system) and by their understandings of the nature of science. In addition, we found that there are a different set of reasons and varying degrees of people’s trust between acupuncture and FPD. Based on the results, we discussed the needs to introduce wider concepts of the nature of science and of the scopes of science education.

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Article Michael R. Matthews (2021) Feng Shui in Science Programmes. Science and Education (pp. 1319-1332). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Kim, Dong-Won
Thomson, Mathew
Cowan, Brian
Stouraiti, Anastasia
Boon, Timothy
Sethi, Megan Barnhart
Science and Education
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences
Historical Research: The Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
British Journal for the History of Science
Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences
Oxford University Press
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Purdue University Press
Florida State University
Science education and teaching
Public understanding of science
Science and culture
Science and society
Traditional knowledge
Laby, Thomas Howell
Franklin, Rosalind
Time Periods
20th century, late
20th century, early
20th century
21st century
17th century
18th century
United States
Great Britain
Venice (Italy)
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Marine Studios

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