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Armenian Archaeoastronomy And Astronomy In Culture (2016)


A review is given on archaeoastronomy in Armenia and astronomical knowledge reflected in the Armenian culture. Astronomy in Armenia was popular since ancient times and Armenia is rich in its astronomical heritage, such as the names of the constellations, ancient observatories, Armenian rock art (numerous petroglyphs of astronomical content), ancient and medieval Armenian calendars, astronomical terms and names used in Armenian language since II-I millennia B.C., records of astronomical events by ancient Armenians (e.g. Halley’s comet in 87 B.C., supernovae explosion in 1054), the astronomical heritage of the Armenian medieval great thinker Anania Shirakatsi’s (612-685), medieval sky maps and astronomical devices by Ghukas (Luca) Vanandetsi (XVII-XVIII centuries) and Mkhitar Sebastatsi (1676-1749), etc. For systemization and further regular studies, we have created a webpage devoted to Armenian archaeoastronomical matters at Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS) website. Issues on astronomy in culture include astronomy in ancient Armenian cultures, ethnoastronomy, astronomy in Armenian religion and mythology, astronomy and astrology, astronomy in folklore and poetry, astronomy in arts, astrolinguistics and astroheraldry. A similar webpage for Astronomy in Armenian Culture is being created at ArAS website and a permanent section “Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture” has been created in ArAS Electronic Newsletter. Several meetings on this topic have been organized in Armenia during 2007-2014, including the archaeoastronomical meetings in 2012 and 2014, and a number of books have been published. Several institutions are related to these studies coordinated by Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) and researchers from the fields of astronomy, history, archaeology, literature, linguistics, etc. are involved.

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Authors & Contributors
Hamacher, Duane W.
Norris, Ray P.
Marc Eduard Frincu
Holbrook, Jarita C.
Ruggles, Clive L. N.
Kelley, David H.
Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Archaeoastronomy: The Journal of Astronomy in Culture
Journal of Skyscape Archaeology
University of Alabama Press
Norderstedt Books on Demand GmbH
Indigenous peoples; indigeneity
Constellations; zodiac
Native American civilization and culture
Ruggles, Clive L. N.
Time Periods
Neolithic period
19th century
Precolumbian period (America)
South Africa
Caucasus region

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