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The Role of Judgment in the Making of Glass Colors in the Seventeenth Century (2018)


Dupré, Sven (Author)

Volume: 90
Pages: 26-35

Publication Date: 2018
Edition Details: Special Issue: "Farben der Technik – Technik der Farben" ("Colors in Technology – Technology of Colors")
Language: English

This essay discusses the manufacture of colors in Venetian and à la façon de Venise glass that was produced from the fifteenth century and codified in print in the seventeenth century. The focus is on "L'Arte Vetraria", the first printed book on glassmaking, published by the Florentine alchemist Antonio Neri in 1612. In this essay we consider Neris recipes for making glass colors in light of the issue of color systematization and standardization. I will show that standardization of glass colors was absent in the seventeenth century prior to the multiplication of color systems in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Neri repeatedly emphasized the importance of judgment by the eye in the production of glass colors.

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Authors & Contributors
Ruggiero, Guido
McCray, W. Patrick
al-Hassan, Ahmad Y.
Selfridge-Field, Eleanor
Scianna, Nicolangelo
Seeberg, Stefanie
American Historical Review
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
Der Globusfreund: Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift für Globen- und Instrumentenkunde
Technology and Culture
Journal of Global History
Acque Sotterranee
Stanford University Press
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Glass and glassmaking
Crafts and craftspeople
Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Abu Musa, Al-Tusi
Coronelli, Marco Vincenzo
Gualdi, Federico
Castelli, Benedetto
Kunckel von Loenstern, Johann
Venice (Italy)
Bologna (Italy)
17th century
18th century
16th century
Early modern
8th century
Venice. Collegio di Medici

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