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Covers and the Poetics of Communication (2021)


Do covers still have a place in our digital age? The physical book has proved more resilient than champions of electronic texts once predicted, but the overall trend is plain: with each passing year we are reading less from printed paper and more on phones, tablets, e-book readers, and computers. The question this article addresses is: Do cover images still have a place when the publications that they previously covered are becoming nothing more than digital bits? By pointing out how they communicate very differently than the texts that they represent, the article argues for the continuing importance of cover images and for the need to meditate anew on the poetics of communication.

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Authors & Contributors
Orlikowski, Wanda J.
Yates, JoAnne
Fisher, Beth D.
Paolo Magaudda
Andrew Bottomley
John Cheney-Lippold
The Academy of Management Review
Technology in Society
Seventeenth Century
Science, Technology and Human Values
Pharmacy in History
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New York University Press
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University of Michigan Press
University of Illinois Press
MIT Press
Media (communications)
Digital media
Publishers and publishing
Technoscience; science and technology studies
Michaux, François André
Time Periods
21st century
20th century
19th century
20th century, late
17th century
United States
North America
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