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Logic, Psychology, and Apperception: Charles S. Peirce and Johann F. Herbart (2015)


Since his first writings, C. S. Peirce defended an unpsychological approach to logic. His authority was J. F. Herbart, who in his Lehrbuch zur Einleitung in die Philosophie had affirmed that “in logic it is necessary to ignore everything that is psychological.” This would become a standard reference for Peirce’s philosophy of logic. Moreover, it was from Herbart’s conception of apperception that Peirce inherited the “synechistic” law of mind first exposed in 1892. This paper explores Peirce’s lifelong “Herbartian” antipsychologism, reviews Herbart’s notion of apperception and indicates its significance for Peirce’s law of mind.

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Authors & Contributors
Campos, Daniel G.
Wall, Byron Emerson
Pihlström, Sami
Leary, David E.
Atkins, Richard Kenneth
Dea, Shannon
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Journal of the History of Ideas
Perspectives on Science
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Cambridge University Press
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Princeton University
University of Chicago Press
Pragmatism; instrumentalism
Philosophy of science
Peirce, Charles Sanders
Frege, Gottlob
Dewey, John
James, William
Venn, John
Hall, Granville Stanley
Time Periods
19th century
20th century, early
20th century
United States
North America
Cambridge University
Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Md.)

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