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Vision and Visual Error in Later Middle Ages (2021)


Later medieval writers demonstrate a keen interest in visual error and deception. Unlike many early modern thinkers, the possibility that we might see things that do not exist does not cause them to take seriously the skeptical possibility that we cannot know the world around us. Rather, they accept our finitude and fallibility and ask, given those limits, what can we achieve? In this sense, medieval epistemological discussions mirror related discussions concerning the practice of confession. Medieval writers recognize that no confession of sins can be complete, that there are always other sins hiding in the recesses of the soul. Recognizing human limits and the demands of the task at hand, they counsel us to do our best [facere quod se in est] and leave the rest to God.

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Knuuttila, Simo
Biard, Joël
Boulnois, Olivier
Friedman, Russell L.
Speer, Andreas
Micrologus: Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies
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