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Politics of Nature: The board game (2021)


Here we introduce the board game Politics of Nature, or PoN as it is now known. Inspired by the work of Bruno Latour, PoN offers an alternative take on co-existence by implementing a flat political ontology in a gamified meeting protocol. PoN does not suggest that humans have no special abilities, only that humans at the outset, are bestowed with no more rights than other kinds of beings. Designed to enable people of all walks of life to playfully unpack and resolve controversies, PoN provides a space where beings can have their existence renegotiated. The aim of PoN is to play as a team to explore and decide on potential good common worlds in which more indispensable beings can exist than if the status quo is continued. By playing PoN iteratively through rounds, each having four stages, the players gradually construct PoN - a planet mirroring ‘real worlds’. The four stages provide a novel combination of identification, representation, meditation, prioritization, mapping, individual and group ideation, proposal formulation, and decision-making; only to ask the players to challenge and change PoN to fit their requirements after each round. What follows is taken directly from the manual.

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Authors & Contributors
Latour, Bruno
Youyue Cai
Jiaxin Chen
Arapostathis, Stathis
Laborie, Léonard
Yevgeniya Tomkiv
Science, Technology and Human Values
Social Studies of Science
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine
Technology and Culture
Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Lian jing chu ban shi ye gu fen you xian gong si
Technoscience; science and technology studies
Science and politics
Power (social sciences)
Information technology
Latour, Bruno
Galapagos Islands
New Zealand
21st century
20th century
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