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Pain in psychology, biology and medicine: Some implications for pain eliminativism (2020)


An analysis of arguments for pain eliminativism reveals two significant points of divergence between assumptions underlying biomedical research on pain and assumptions typically endorsed by eliminativist accounts. The first concerns the status of the term ‘pain,’ which is a description of a phenomenon, rather than an explanatory construct. The second concerns reductive explanation: pain is explained causally, in terms of mechanisms or factors that produce or determine it, rather than by identifying it with a physical structure, process or mechanism. These discrepancies undermine several arguments for pain eliminativism.

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Authors & Contributors
Bourke, Joanna
Murnaghan, Sheila
Struck, Peter
Cheney, Paul
Jonsson, Fredrik
Morrissey, Robert
Apeiron: Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
Biology and Philosophy
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Historical Research: The Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
Gender and History
History of Psychiatry
Palgrave Macmillan
Oxford University Press
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Human body
Philosophy of medicine
Hippocrates of Cos
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19th century
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