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Science and technology internationalization and the emergence of peripheral techno-dreams: The Yachay project case (2018)


Henry Chavez (Author)
Jacqueline Gaybor (Author)

Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 238-255

Publication Date: 2018
Edition Details: Thematic Cluster: Internationalizing Science and Technology
Language: English

On the basis of interviews, observations and archival analysis, this article explores the controversies surrounding the Yachay project case in Ecuador and unveils three ideological processes behind its conception and implementation. First, we show how the new elite in the government used this project to produce and reproduce a new power structure using a symbolic strategy based on propaganda and on an imaginary of techno-scientific modernization. Second, we unveil the material and symbolic reproduction of a cosmopolitan elite of international experts that profited from the Ecuadorian public funds in exchange for their name and prestige, thanks to a discourse based on cosmopolitanism, urgency, and voluntarism. Finally, we explain how the Yachay project has triggered the reconfiguration of the local symbolic sphere according to the new conditions of reproduction of the world system by reshaping the local imaginaries around technology and innovation. We conclude that Yachay, like other similar projects that have emerged at the same time in other parts of the world, is part of a global process of reconfiguration of the ideological and institutional conditions that accompany the deployment of the latest wave of techno-economic transformations in the global system.

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Article Leandro Rodriguez Medina (2018) Internationalizing science and technology: Some introductory remarks. Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society (pp. 216-218). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Jasanoff, Sheila
Lievevrouw, Elisa
Fernandez, Rodrigo
Maxime Polleri
Spackman, Christy C. W.
Kuch, Declan
Social Studies of Science
Science as Culture
Science, Technology, and Human Values
Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society
East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
University of Chicago Press
Science and technology studies (STS)
High technology industries
Sociotechnical systems
Technology and economics
Technology and society
Time Periods
21st century
20th century, late
Great Britain
West Virginia (U.S.)
South Korea
United States
Google (firm)
NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
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