Thesis ID: CBB001567176

Articulation and the Origins of Proportion in Archaic and Classical Greece (2010)


Chang, Lian (Author)

McGill University (Canada)

Publication Date: 2010
Physical Details: 358 pp.
Language: English

This dissertation searches for the origins of western ideas of proportion in the archaic and classical Greek conceptual terrain of articulation. We think of articulation, in the first instance, as having to do with the joining of parts to fabricate an object, such as in the physical connection of pieces of wood, cloth, metal, or stone. However, the early Greek language that described these craft processes also, and inextricably, spoke in a number of ways about what it meant for a person, thing, or the world to be beautiful, healthy, and just. Taking Homer as its primary source, Part One therefore explores archaic ideas of bodily experience (Chapter One); of crafts (Chapter Two); and of the interrelations between the two (Chapter Three). These chapters lay emphasis on how the language and concepts of articulation constructed a worldview particular to early Greece. Part Two then examines early ideas of proportion, in social and political life as depicted by Homer (Chapter Four); in classical ideas about the medicalized human body and the civic body of the polis (Chapter Five); and in the cosmogonic theories of Empedocles and Plato (Chapter Six). In so doing, I aim to demonstrate how ideas of articulation allowed for and expanded into those of proportion, binding together the ordering of bodies, of the kosmos, and of crafts, including architecture.


Description Cited in Dissertation Abstracts International-A 71/12, Jun 2011. Proquest Document ID: 807680773.

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