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Some Nineteenth Century Indian Mathematicians Prior to Ramanujan (2014)


This article highlights the contributions of some Indian Mathematicians who lived earlier than Ramanujan. For instance, we discuss the work of Radhanath Sikdar, who used sophisticated mathematics to identify for the first time the highest peak of Himalayas, of Ramachandra Lal, who solved problems of maxima and minima without the use of calculus, the work of the remarkable astronomer Samanta Chandra Sekhar, and the work of Ganesh Prasad, who apart from his work on potentials and theory of functions encouraged his junior colleague Bibhuti Bhushan Datta to write the monumental work `History of Hindu Mathematics' along with A.N. Singh.

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Authors & Contributors
Berndt, Bruce C.
Rankin, Robert A.
Nandy, Ashis
Fitzgerald, Michael J.
Ehrhardt, Caroline
Sarma, S. R.
British Society for the History of Mathematics Bulletin
Indian Journal of History of Science
Science in Context
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Notices of the American Mathematical Society
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University of Florida
India, civilization and culture
Philosophy of mathematics
Ramanujan, Srinivasa
Bose, Jagadis Chandra, Sir
Galois, Évariste
Poincaré, Jules Henri
Aiyar, S. Narayana
Time Periods
19th century
20th century, early
20th century
16th century
10th century
Great Britain
Zurich (Switzerland)
Académie des Sciences, Paris

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