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The Fragment of Al-Kindi's Lost Treatise on Observations of Halley's Comet in A.d. 837 (2014)


Ibn al-Nadlmin his al-fihrist devotes several sections to al-Kindl's scientific works, such as arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, meteorology, and spherics.5 The list of Al-KindT's meteorological works includes two lost treatises, entitled "His treatise on what was observed of the great atmospheric phenomenon in 222 a.h." (Kitäb risälatih fimä rasada min al-athar al-cazïm fisanat ithnatayn wa cishñn wa mi 'atayn li- 'l-hijra) and "His treatise on a comet that appeared and [al-Kindl] observed it for some days until it faded out" (Kitäb risälatih fi kawkab alladhi zahara wa rasadahu ayyäman hattä idmahalla).6 The title of the first treatise indicates that it concerns al-Kindl's observation of an 'atmospheric' phenomenon that appeared in 222 a.h./a.d. 837 and which we can probably identify as a comet.7 Rada supposes that this would have been al-Kindl's treatise on observations of Halley's Comet which appeared in that year.8 In this article, I will demonstrate that this conjecture is definitely correct. [...]it is quite possible that the second treatise was associated with the same topic.9 Recently, I came across a treatise entitled Nayäzik,'0 during my research into a collection of manuscript images from Princeton University Library."

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Persia (Iran)
Latin America
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17th century
16th century
18th century
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris

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