Article ID: CBB001450843

L'hypothèse de Firth: Wittgenstein, héritier de Malinowski? (2014)


Godart-Wendling, Béatrice (Author)

Historiographia Linguistica: International Journal for the History of the Language Sciences
Volume: 41, no. 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 9-108

Publication Date: 2014
Edition Details: Translated title: [The Firth Hypothesis: Wittgenstein as Malinowski's Heir?]
Language: French

The aim of this paper is to study the grounds for John Rupert Firth's (1890-1960) assumption that the 1923 paper, 'The Problem of Meaning in Primitive Languages' by the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942), would be a source of inspiration that would lead Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) to develop a new conception of meaning in terms of 'use'. Based on certain excerpts of Philosophical Investigations (1953), Firth established a filiation between -Malinowski's two key ideas, namely the importance of the notion of 'context of situation' and the idea that language is a 'mode of action') and the main theses that Wittgenstein promoted (meaning as use, language acquisition, language as a set of games). Assessing the force of that claim will lead to clarifying the synergy of ideas that took place in the matter of pragmatics in Great Britain of the first half of the 20th century. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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Authors & Contributors
Rose, Dan
Gellner, Ernest
Klagge, James C.
Bloor, David
Kjaergaard, Peter C.
Eidinow, John
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Journal for General Philosophy of Science
History and Philosophy of Logic
VIET: Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki
Science in Context
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Linguistics; philology
Science and culture
Philosophy of science
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Malinowski, Bronislaw
Hertz, Heinrich Rudolph
Popper, Karl Raimund
Frege, Gottlob
Evans-Pritchard, Edward Evan
Time Periods
20th century
20th century, early
19th century
17th century
Great Britain
Soviet Union
Berlin (Germany)
United States

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