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Botanical Travel, Climate and David Moore's Moral Geographies of Europe (2014)


During his forty-year curatorship of the Royal Dublin Society's botanical gardens in Glasnevin (1838--1879), David Moore undertook a number of excursions to continental Europe. These served to deepen the networks of plant exchange between Dublin and other botanical institutions and allowed him to examine the relationships between climate, plant survivability and societal development. This paper focuses on two trips taken in the 1860s to Scandinavia and Iberia and charts how Moore situated his experience of these places within a climatic hermeneutic. Moore's understanding of northern and southern Europe was organized around a set of judgments about their relative backwardness or advancement with respect to his experience of home and was seen through the lens of a moral climatology. Moreover, his Scots Presbyterian background and his commitment to natural theology informed his interpretation of the landscapes he encountered in his excursions across Europe.

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Authors & Contributors
Nelson, E. Charles
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Freeman, Thomas W.
Flores, Dan L.
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Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
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Travel; exploration
Cross-cultural interaction; cultural influence
Science and culture
Darwin, Charles Robert
Moore, David
Freeman, Thomas
Custis, Peter
Zheng, He
Botero, Giovanni
United States
Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)
19th century
20th century, early
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16th century
17th century
Monsanto Corporation

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